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The 3D renderings of my beloved '72 Chevelle SS are the creations of Kris Horton.  Kris is

a 20-year old freelance 3D modeler who is also an automotive enthusiast.  Luckily, Kris has

a soft spot for Chevelles.  I first noticed his work on Team Chevelle, where he had posted a

couple of photos of a '70 SS in red, with black stripes.  He also included a '72 SS in red, and

he said he was able to customize the wheels and/or specific items to make the models look just

like your own car.  Anyway, I commissioned Kris to create my '72 Chevelle SS with a few

differences, to see what she would look like.  Note the 17" American Racing Torq-Thrust D wheels,

lowered stance and modified sheet metal bulges & bodylines.  I would recommend Kris's work

to anyone interested in high definition 3D images their rides.  An E-mail link is on his website,

just click on the website banner on my homepage, or click here: